‘Knead in the Bag’ Pizzas

We love making a bread dough and turning it into pizzas. However, we don’t like all of the ‘floury’ mess it can cause over the worktop, floor, clothes, face and hair! So, why not try kneading the dough in a bag? It is great way of limiting mess, but also, if the bag falls on the floor it doesn’t matter and if you (or the children get bored) you can easily refrigerate or freeze* until a later date.

(*Just remember to defrost the dough before using!)

The step-by-step recipe guide below shows you how to make a small below Pizza Wyneb Hapus (Happy Face Pizza). Special thanks to the expert hand models at Willowtown Community Primary School for helping to make this guide.

This basic bread dough recipe can also be used to make bread rolls, bread sticks, calzone or even a healthier casing for a pasty.

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