Pumpkins....Pumpkins...Pumpkins...and the odd butternut Squash!

With Halloween 'creeping' upon us, it time start thinking about how you can use up all of the left over pumpkin carvings!

At Cooking Together, we always try (where possible) to use fresh seasonal well as the odd frozen and canned vegetables and fruit to help bulk out the recipes #becausewelovetoeatarainbow. Over the next week, with pumpkins being widely available and cheap (90p for a small one in Asda), we are going pumpkin crazy during our sessions....unless you accidentally leave the pumpkin in the supermarket and have to use some frozen butternut squash from the freezer #gottalovefarmfoods #5bagsforfourquid

So, our first recipe for you to try is our Halloween Pumpkin Curry.... and in the words of an old food teaching colleague from Llanelli, it's #cowinglush. It's a great one pan recipe - and even better when you serve it with some oven baked rice, samosas and flatbread. We managed to create this feast of recipes at our #HapiRCT session today in under 60 you could say we #beatthetakeaway this evening 😀