Woohoo...half term has finally arrived!

Happy Half Term Pawb!

We have had a ‘grate’ half term and would like to thank everyone who has taken part in our sessions. During this half term we have delivered 94 cooking sessions and worked with over 24 schools, 17 pre-school settings, 3 youth groups and 14 community settings. In total, 926 children and 219 adults have laughed at our (...well ok, Richard’s) jokes! We have prepared a wide range of healthy dishes including Vegetable Samosas, Healthy Wraps, Knead in the Bag Pizzas, Coleslaw, Helter Skelter Pineapples, Fruit Crumbles, Fajitas, Guacamole, Tuscan Bean Soup and the obligatory Halloween Curry, Soup and Cheesy Spider Bread! #Welovehealthycooking #5aday

Even more importantly, 926 children and 219 adults have either taught us (especially in the Welsh Medium Schools we have worked with in Swansea, Neath and Anglesey) or learnt some new welsh words. Some of our favourites this term have been Sbigoglys (Spinach), Llyfo...Llyfo...Llyfo (Saw...Saw...Saw), Chef Taclus (Tidy Chef), Cymusgu (Mix) and finally when washing your hands (Golchi Dwylo) don’t forget to Rwb...Rwb...Rwb...Siglo...Siglo...Siglo (Rub...Rub...Rub ...Shake...Shake...Shake). Please take a look at our Useful Welsh Words sheets in the recipes section.

It has also been ‘grate’ to watch even the 2/3 year olds (aka ‘ankle biters’!) learn how to use the doggy knives correctly, as well as the adults being wowed by the rotary graters and pineapple corers ! As mentioned during the sessions, the Dog Knife with teeth can be purchased online (just google ‘dog knife with teeth’) or please visit our friends Cookability who always keep in a good stock (link below).

For the older children (and adults), we have used the Geiser 8cm Serrated Paring Knives. These can be purchased online or if you want to order a few, then we like to use Russums.

The Rotary Grater can be purchased from IKEA (and is available from their website). However, if like us you are going to make the obligatory half term visit to IKEA (particularly the one in Cardiff), you will find them down stairs at the start of the kitchen section on the left hand side just after the trollies and initial 'on sale' items that are such a bargain you have to get (although you might have to go Saturday afternoon, as I am stocking up on them when I visit on Sunday morning!).

The Pineapple Corer can be purchased from amazon. It doesn’t cost much, however it does take about 6 weeks to arrive from get your orders in now for Christmas!

Finally, don’t forget that all of our recipes are available on our website, either in the recipe section or in the prechools, schools, community or training recipes sections (don’t forget you will need to enter the password to access these areas - please contact us if you need the password).

We hope you all have a happy, safe and healthy Halloween week!

#Coginiohapus #Happycooking #foodteachersrule

Equipment Links:

Dog Knife with Teeth –

Geissr Training Knife –

Rotary Grater –ålande-rotary-grater-white-art-40153190/

Pineapple Corer –