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Community Cooking & Basic Nutrition Workshops


Our community based cooking workshops and nutrition classes for young people and adults can be delivered over several weeks or as a ‘one off’ session. Participants learn about healthy eating and work together to prepare simple, healthy and economical dishes.


A typical workshop lasts for 1.5 hours, for a maximum of 16 participants. The food prepared is taken away or eaten at the end of the session.


The sessions cover a variety of topics, such as:


• Basic food preparation skills (knife skills, rubbing in method, bread making etc)

• Basic healthy eating and nutrition messages

• Recipe adaption and preparation of healthy meals

• Meal planning and budgeting

• Basic food hygiene messages

• Developing literacy and numeracy skills


All of our sessions are tailored to your particular needs.

Please contact us for any further information or to discuss your requirements.


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