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Child, Pupil & Family Sessions


Our child, pupil and family cooking sessions can be run as a ‘one off’ session or as a course over several weeks. During the sessions, participants will learn about healthy eating and work together to prepare simple, healthy, economical and age-appropriate dishes.


We normally run 2 practical workshops per half day. Depending on age and ability, our workshops last between 40-60 minutes and we can accommodate a maximum of 16 people per activity. All of the food prepared is taken away or eaten at the end of the session.


The sessions cover a variety of topics, such as:

  • Basic food preparation skills (knife skills, rubbing in method, bread making etc)

  • Basic healthy eating and nutrition messages

  • Recipe adaption and preparation of healthy meals

  • Meal planning and budgeting

  • Basic food hygiene messages

  • Developing literacy and numeracy skills


Support for Schools & Settings 

We also offer a host of support for cooking in pre-school settings and  schools. This ranges from offering PPA cover, support for running healthy eating events, family or parent  engagement events, assemblies, or practical training for staff in order to incorporate more cooking into the curriculum.


All of our sessions are tailored to your particular needs.

Please contact us for any further information or to discuss your requirements.


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